Pellet Stove F2901:
  • Digital control system for fully automatic control - high/low - on/off or manual mode
  • 10 Tube Heat Exchanger
  • A 120 lb (54 kg) Feed Hopper Can Be Easily Converted To 280 lb (127 kg) With Optional Hopper Extension.
  • Large Capacity Ash Reservoir Reduces Cleaning Frequency.
  • Top Loading Fuel Feed System Separates Burn Pot And Fuel Storage Reducing Risk Of Burn Back.
  • Negative Pressure Burn Box Prevents Spillage Of Smoke And Fumes Into The House.
  • Manual Draft Control Allows Easy Adjustment For Fuel And Draft Conditions.
  • Adjustable Fuel Feed From 1 To 4.5 lbs (454 gram to 2 kg) Per Hour.
  • Variable Speed Exchanger Fan.
  • Unique "Bouncing Flame" Heater Design.
  • Glass screen, To Reduce The Frequency Of Glass Cleaning, Is Standard Feature
  • Effective Air Wash System Keeps Glass Clean.
  • Electric Igniter.
  • Safety Certified In US, Canada, Europe.
  • Certified For Mobile Home Installation
  • Insert Is Certified For Masonry Or Factory Built Zero Clearance Fireplace Installation.

Body Construction:
All Visible Corners Are Finished For Safety And Appearance
Heavy Duty, Full Hearth Extension.
Heavy Block Steel.
Ceramic Safety Glass Rated For 1400 Degrees F (760 Degrees Celsius)
Aluminized Steel Interior Heat Shields, And Stainless Steel Burn Pot Resists Heat And Corrosion. Ten Tube Heat Exchanger With Quick, Removable Exchanger Tube Heat Shield. Rod And Scraper Type Heat Exchanger Cleaner

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F2901 Freestanding:
For a more basic look, but with lots of capacity. 120lb hopper and can be extended to 280lb. Like the other models it can put out 40000btu, electrical igniter and can run with a remote thermostat.

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KSHHE200 Hopper extension:
This hopper extension will increase your pellet stove's capacity to 200lb. Hopper  is not exactly as shown in picture.

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KSHHE280 Hopper extension:
This hopper extension will increase your pellet stove's capacity to 280lb. Hopper  is not exactly as shown in picture.


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CV100 Check Valve:
The optional check valve goes onto the fresh air intake tube at the back of the pellet stove and will prevent reversal of air flow. In case of a power cut, it will stop lingering smoke entering the habitation.


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AK100 Fresh Air Intake Kit:
This kit will introduce fresh, oxygen rich air into the burn pot from the outside of your home. It also takes the place of a Check valve.


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WTK-P Remote Thermostat:
Believe it or not pellet stoves have come a long way and can now be controlled remotely from a wall thermostat in a fully automatic mode. Turn on your pellet stove when you are not home and / or just cycle the pellet stove according to the set temperature.

Design Features:

KOZI Shop Heater


KSH 120 K200 Extension K280 Extension
WIDTH 25" / 625 mm 25" / 625 mm 25" / 625 mm
HEIGHT 31" / 775 mm 39" / 991 mm 47" / 1194 mm
DEPTH 25" / 625 mm 25" / 625 mm 25" / 625 mm
FUEL CAPACITY 120 lb / 54 kg 200 lb / 91 kg 280 lb / 128 kg
BURN TIME 26 to 100 hours 45 to 170 hours 64 to 230 hours
INPUT/HR* 10,000-40,000 BTU 10,000-40,000 BTU 10,000-40,000 BTU
FLUE DIAMETER 3" / 75 mm 3" / 75 mm 3" / 75 mm